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Friday Feb 19, 2021

SJMHA would like to bring to the attention of high school students graduating in 2021 of four scholarships available to graduating minor hockey players.

Two of these scholarships have special significance to SJMHA. The Andrew Ryan Memorial Scholarship and the Matthew Churchill Memorial Scholarship are both in memory of former Caps minor hockey players who lost their lives while still playing minor hockey. The other two scholarships, the Jim Stirling Scholarship and the Hockey NL Minor Hockey Scholarships are available through Hockey NL. The Hockey NL Minor Hockey Scholarship has separate awards for all-star and house league players.

Graduating minor hockey players destine for post-secondary education are strongly encouraged to apply for these scholarships. The Andrew Ryan and the Matthew Churchill Scholarship are as much about honouring the memory of these former Caps minor hockey players as they are about offsetting some of the high cost of post-secondary education. In recent years some of these four scholarships have not been awarded as there were no applicants. In the case of the memorial scholarships this is disappointing to the families and the former members of SJMHA who worked hard to raise the money necessary to fund these scholarships.

The deadline for applying for these scholarships are as follows:
• Andrew Ryan Memorial Scholarship July 2021
• Matthew Churchill Memorial Scholarship November 1, 2021
• Jim Stirling Scholarship April 15, 2021
• Hockey NL Minor Hockey Scholarships March 31, 2021

If you require further information on how to apply for these scholarships feel free to contact Jodi in the minor hockey office by email at

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