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Friday Oct 9, 2020

The office has been answering questions about whether or not there will be association based all-star hockey this season, and if there is how it will be organized.

The St. John’s Minor Hockey Association is pleased to announce that we will have association based all-star teams competing in the following divisions in the Don Johnson Hockey League: U11-A, U13-A and U15-A. We are also working with the other associations to have a U11-B division.

There will be a group of 2 balanced A teams for each association at each division. So for example, in the U13 division SJMHA will have a U13 A1 team and a U13 A2 team. All teams will be set up for “Two-Line” hockey with each team consisting of 11 skaters and 1 goaltender. The season schedule will be designed to minimize the number of teams playing against each other over a 3 week period. Each 3 week cycle of the schedule will involve the 2 Caps teams playing each other in week 1, then playing one of the two teams from another association on weeks 2 and 3. Then the cycle repeats itself in week 4 as the two Caps teams will play each other again followed by 2 weeks of games against another association. This will minimize interactions between teams and allow for easier contact tracing if a case of COVID 19 finds its way inside the hockey bubble.

The groups, and eventually teams, will be selected during the Phase 2 evaluations for each division. Selections of players to the various groups will be made by our technical directors during the Phase 2 evaluations for each division. There may be some movement of players between groups, but it will be kept to a minimum considering player health and safety at all time. The best players in groups other than Group 1 can move forward to Group 1 if their performance dictates. Similar movement from U11 Groups 3 to 5 into Group 2 may occur if there is an U11 B division in the Don Johnson league.

The remaining players in each division will be organized into 2 or 3 groups of balanced Two-Line hockey teams to facilitate competitive games of hockey between all teams in all groups. Therefore, during evaluations, a player in Group 5 is just as likely to move ahead to Group 1 or 2 as would a player in Group 3.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask any member of the Board that you see in the rink throughout the Phase 2 evaluations.

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