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UPDATE: Atom Spring League

Thursday Apr 12, 2018

Atom Spring League:

The Atom Spring league teams and schedule is as follows:

Team 1-Red:

Alex Broders
Denver Lacey
Dominic Winter
Dylan Maloney
Jack Davis
Jackson Maloney
Jake Cerqueira
James Moore
Liam Dillon
Luke Rudofsky
Max Cerqueira
Rogan O’Brien (G)

Steve Winter (C)

Team 2-Black:

Ben Cowan
Ben Yabsley
Jack Warren
Jason Bonia
Jayden Macdonald
Kaleb Benmore
Marcus Thomson
Ryley Murphy
Sam Hull
Thomas Winsor
William Angel
Zack Angel (G)

Peter Yabsley (C)

Team 3-Green:

Brayden Coonan
Colin Reardon
Daniel Thomas
Dec Kenny
Gavin Breen
Jaxon Arbuckle
Josh Fitzgerald
Oldric Clarke
Owen Dunford
Parker Kennedy
Quentin Seal
Liam Ryan (G)

Seamus Breen (C)

Team 4-Blue:

Blake Andrews
David Janes
Gavin Murphy
Jayden Gregory
John David Healey
Landon Brockerville
Max Branton
Michael Fisher
Tanner Butt
Thomas Costello
William Woodford
Aaron Davis (G)

Paul Andrews (C)

April 15:
5pm-1 vs. 2 (rink #2)
6pm-3 vs. 4 (rink #1)

April 16:
7pm-1 vs. 3 (rink #1)
8pm-2 vs. 4 (rink #1)

April 18:
8pm-1 vs. 4 (rink #1)
8pm-2 vs. 3 (rink #2)

April 23:
7pm-3 vs. 4 (rink #1)
8pm-1 vs. 2 (rink #1)

April 25:
7pm-2 vs.4 (rink #1)
8pm-1 vs.3 (rink #1)

April 29:
6pm-2 vs. 3 (rink #1)
7pm-1 vs. 4 (rink #1)

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