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Wednesday Jan 17, 2018

Today HockeyNL released this important safety reminder.

In an attempt to ensure that all members are aware of important equipment requirements and the fact that we have new members each year coaching our players, we wish that you circulate this reminder.

Helmets in Pre-Game Warm Ups:
Hockey NL requires that all players properly wear their helmets and facial shields securely fastened during all pre-game warm-ups. We are responsible for the safety of our members and we ask that you ensure that this safety requirement is being adhered to by all your players. Any person violating this protective equipment requirement is to be reported to the President for possible sanction.

Helmets on Coaches:
Hockey NL requires that all coaches and on ice staff who are on the ice with players during practices must wear a CSA certified helmet with chin strap fastened. We are responsible for the safety of our members and we ask that you ensure that this safety requirement is being adhered to by all your on-ice coaching staff. Any person reported not wearing a CSA certified helmet on the ice is liable for suspension.

Intra Oral Mouth Guards
In September 2003 Hockey NL adopted mandatory intra oral mouth guards for all minor hockey players. It has come to our attention that there are number of teams/associations that have players continuing to attempt to play without wearing mouth guards. Even though we have placed a rule supplement for our officials to police this mandate, Hockey NL is urging that all associations and coaches also take some responsibility in ensuring all their players are wearing mouth guards including practices.

BNQ Throat Protectors
The wearing of a BNQ approved throat protector is compulsory for players registered in minor hockey. We have reports that some players are not wearing their throat protectors in practice. Again it is crucial that each team and coach take the initiative to ensure that all players are wearing their neck guards during games and practices.

We appreciate your support and attention on these issues, as they are important risk management issues and certainly potential liability issues if we are not vigilant in its enforcement.

St. John's Minor Hockey supports HockeyNL in its efforts to remind all of us that player safety must be our primary concern. SJMHA would like to expand upon the reminder regarding the BNQ Throat Protectors. The are many sizes and styles for the BNQ Throat Protectors, including undergarments with the throat protector integrated into the shirt. The purpose of the throat protector is to provide coverage over the neck area to reduce the risk of serious cuts, particularly from skate blades. Parents should consider the amount of skin exposure in the neck area when selecting a throat protector for their child. Not all children are the same size and not all throat protectors provide adequate protection for every child.

A final area of concern is the fit of helmets and face shields. A snug fit at the temples and chin is required for the helmet to provide maximum protection. Helmets that loosely fit, and face protectors that are too big and extend below the chin are a hazard to the player's safety.

If you have any concern regarding your child's protective equipment please don't hesitate to seek out one of the technical directors who will be happy to assist you.

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